DILETTA 800i Passport Printer

High secure colour inkjet passport printing system with integrated RFID module

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DILETTA 800i sets high targets for travel document printing. Whether on standard paper or directly on passport security paper - this printer is a real expert. Its real life-like colours are clean, bright and reliable for many years. All inks has been certified and approved by an accredited German institute.

Easy and secure handling of passport

The full front operation allows easy handling of passport. Operator inserts the opened passport at front of printer and receives printed and chip-encoded passport also at front side of printer. The patented passport carriage system ensures the secure transport of 4 to 64 pages passport without any manual adjustment.

Type Products

The DILETTA 800i Passport Printer series comes in three versions. The physical specs for these models are nearly identical. The differences come in the supported ink:

  • DILETTA 800i Passport Printer for High Security Ink
  • DILETTA 810i Passport Printer for Full Pigment Ink
  • DILETTA 820i Passport Printer for Invisible Fluorescent UV Ink

The new Power Printer. Professional down to the detail

Multi functional - it prints in black and white or colour, onto a wide range of paper weights as well as into passports or other travel documents. You will enjoy its flexibility for a large number of applications. The extra large ink storage tanks will support efficient operation.

Plenty of ink available - The printer with a storage tank

DILETTA 800i cares for the needs of a busy passport issuing office. The specially developed individual ink tanks can be exchanged easily independent and make running costs extremely economical for both mono and colour prints. The DILETTA 800i comes standard with 150 ml high capacity ink tanks (66 ml for black and 28 ml for each colour ink tank), allowing them to easily cope with large volume printing demands.

Thick or thin documents? Easy!

The DILETTA 800i Passport Printer comes with a patented passport transport system which can handle a wide range of different print requirements: It can print directly onto every page of a 4 up to 100 pages passport without any adjustment. The DILETTA 800i also handles a variety of print material such as thin paper through to carton box material, security paper, coated paper, Teslin, inkjet coated foils and films (OHP), glossy photo paper. All print results are of a high quality with brilliant colours and crisp, black text.

Compact installation space

The DILETTA 800i internal structure has been designed to realize a compact size and full front operation. It requires only a limited installation space - Allowing it to be installed freely. By specially designing the internal structure it has been possible to incorporate the functions in a compact and simple square sheet form, without wasting space. Its compact size allows installation in any location, such as a long side of a PC. In addition full front operation and a flat top panel mean that the top panel can also be utilised as a space for passports or stacking printers.

RFID module for e-passports (Optional)

The big increase in international travel activities and the need of adequate security measures require fast control of secure travel documents. Individual security features become international standards such as digitally printed photographs, security ink, machine-readable code lines, biometric data as contained in 2-dimensional barcodes (fingerprint, eyescan), and contactless RFID chips. All these features are already supported by DILETTA 800i series. The integrated RFID module supports all chips and operating systems. Its in-field upgradeable firmware makes the RFID-module a secure and future-proof investment, providing both flexibility and fast time to market for new applications as well as minimum risk linked to contactless technology standards evolution.

Colour Print Perfection

For those who rely on top print quality DILETTA 800i offers an excellent choice. Each passport page will show laserprinted contours and clearly defined shades. A first-class printing quality on all security type of papers. Not only the printing of the machine-readable lines and the visual zones are of top quality but there is also the impressive colour photograph printing. This is achieved by the high performance of the print head which has a resolution of up to 4800 dpi (dots per inch). Two parallel installed print heads manage the job – DILETTA 800i sets the professional standard for colour printing in the passport issuing office.

It is good to have a good connection

DILETTA 800i comes standard with a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port and an integrated 10/100base-TX Ethernet adapter. The integrated Hi-Speed USB Hub connects your printer and all optional integrated hardware, like RFID Contactless Chip Encoder Module, Camera System, OCR/Barcode Reader or for example a Software Hardlock for your software application, to your PC. The Ethernet adapter connects your printers directly to the network allowing users of different operating systems to share printer resources. The Ethernet adapter is the easy way of connecting a DILETTA 800i passport printer (not optional hardware) to an Ethernet network. Instead of attaching your passport printer locally to the PC, use the Ethernet adapter and free computing resources. The main benefit is that it allows you to share your printer with other workgroup members, and compared to a PC it will handle printing faster, more reliably and more effectively. Easy configuration of all Ethernet settings via integrated Web Interface. Just open your web browser and access the printer like a conventional website by typing the printers IP address.

Easy replacement of ink tanks

The full front operation allows the easy exchange of each individual ink tank by opening the front ink tank cover even if the printers are stacked. Open the ink tank cover. Replace the empty ink tank indicated by a blinking light. Close the cover.


RFID Chip Reader and Writer

You can equip your DILETTA 800i passport printer with an integrated contactless chip reader / writer. So you can write in one-pass the holders' information during the print process. This avoids writing of wrong information into the passport during a two step process, may caused by an operator mistake. The module supports all ISO 14443 type A and ISO 14443 type B chips with a transfer rate up to 848 kBit/s on Air Interface.

Camera System

A camera system (camera and LED lighting) is optionally integrated into the DILETTA 800i passport printer. This enables to print the holder's data to the pre-printed text fields of the booklet and the machine readable lines exactly to the page edge. Against common systems the DILETTA 800i camera system does NOT require an expensive frame grabber card inside the PC - it is connected via the printers USB cable. Accuracy of positioning: < 0.1 mm

Barcode Reader

To avoid mixing up passport numbers you can integrate a barcode reader module for one dimensional barcodes and two dimensional barcodes (i.e. PDF417) inside of your DILETTA 800i passport printer. Before starting the print job the system captures the pre-printed passport number and transfers it to the PC.

OCR Reader

To avoid typing wrong passport serial numbers into your system you can integrate an OCR reader software module inside your DILETTA 800i passport printer. Before starting the print job the system automatically recognizes and captures the pre-printed passport number with the OCR (optical character recognition) module and transfers it to the connected PC.

Technical Data

Configuration DILETTA 800i Series
Width x Depth x Height 500 x 530 x 210 mm³
Weight approx. 16 kg
Printer Driver
Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista (32 & 64-Bit Versions) yes
Windows XP yes
Linux with generic PCL3 driver
Mac OSX with generic PCL3 driver
PDL / Printer Languages
HP PCL 3 Enhanced yes
Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port yes
10/100base-TX Ethernet adapter yes
CPU MIPS 5KF 64-bit, 300MHz
Flash ROM 16 MB
Media Types
Machine Readable Passport (ICAO 9303 compatible) yes
Other Passports / Booklets, non-ICAO compatible on request
RFID Feature
Integrated RFID Module - ISO/IEC 14443 type A/B optional
Printing Time (in continuous print mode) 1)
Printing time per passport (best print quality) 14 - 24 seconds
Printing time per passport (normal print quality) 9 - 20 seconds
Monochrome up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
Colour up to 4800 x 1200 dpi
Print Heads
Black / Yellow 2112 Nozzles
Cyan / Magenta 2112 Nozzles
Operating Environment
Temperature 15 to 35 °C (59 to 95 °F)
Humidity 20 to 80% RH with no cond.
Input Voltage 100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Power Consumption
Active 28 W
Stand-by 6 W
Switched off 0.4 W (110 V) - 0.6 W (240 V)
Available Cartridges for DILETTA 800i

Name Colour Type Capacity
DC-800 Bk / OCR-Black Colour Ink Cartridge Pigment Ink 66 ml
DC-800 Y / Yellow Colour Ink Cartridge Dye Ink 28 ml
DC-800 M / Magenta Colour Ink Cartridge Dye Ink 28 ml
DC-800 C / Cyan Colour Ink Cartridge Dye Ink 28 ml
Available Cartridges for DILETTA 810i

Name Colour Type Capacity
DC-800 Bk / OCR-Black Colour Ink Cartridge Pigment Ink 66 ml
DC-810 Y / Yellow Colour Ink Cartridge Pigment Ink 28 ml
DC-810 M / Magenta Colour Ink Cartridge Pigment Ink 28 ml
DC-810 C / Cyan Colour Ink Cartridge Pigment Ink 28 ml