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PT. Himalaya Indo Karya

About Company

PT. Himalaya Indo Karya is a provider of information technology solutions, based in Jakarta who spearheaded by former students of the Faculty of IT combined universities in Bandung.Started in 2009, we managed to release some product information system. Along with the development and the trust of various parties, in the year 2010, our company has passed legally to PT HIMALAYA INDO KARYA. And in 2010, Our Company also has been endorsed as a supplier of hardware and security device in Indonesia and to the representative of INDONESIA abroad.

We make IT more easy
And flexible

In today’s world competitive business rely on technology to maintain their systems, financial reporting and customer service. When technology counts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, PT. Himalaya Indo Karya immediate resolution IT works. At PT. Himalaya Indo Karya, there’s nothing we enjoy more than helping customers solve business issues through effective use of technology. We specialize in helping small, midsize and also Corporate companies gain a competitive advantage by being more efficient, gaining a crystal-clear view of their business, and mitigating technology risks. Let us handle all of the complexities so you can focus on your core business. Our team’s diverse expertise and experience means that you are quickly up and running with solutions that meet your needs.

Our Clients

Basically We are a distributor and specialist of security devices such as passport printers, passport laminators, biometric finger scanners and others, we are also application developers in supporting companies in smoothening their business affairs.

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