Software Development

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Smart Travel Document

Smart Stravel Document has been adapted to ICAO standards. Photo and MRZ Code printed by Passport Printer.

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Smart Q

One System for Multi Departement, Multi User, Multi Kiosk, Multi Display & Content Management, Real Time Monitoring.

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Smart Storage

The technology is here for your access system: from parking houses to military zones – security and convenience in one package.

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HIK Smart Antrian

Website-based queue application that uses the latest technology. This queue

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Interactive Digital Information/Digital Signage

This website-based digital information application displays all digital information needed

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Index Kepuasan Masyarakat (Feedback Application)

IKM (Feedback) is an application that can be used to

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Point Of Sale Application

HIK Point Of Sale is a website-based sales application. Stores

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Passport Endorsment (Pengesahan)

This application is designed to support the convenience of users

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Software Products


Provider of equipment for the needs of companies and government agencies

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Build Webbase & Mobile applications for enterprise needs

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SMS / WhatsApp Gateway

Send messages to promote your Business Products / Process

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Maintenance & Services

Reach promotions for more customers with whatsapp

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