3M @9000 Passport Reader Compact (Discontinue)


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3M's AT9000 reader is a compact, full-page scanner to quickly capture the image, and validate passports, international passports, and any other 1D or 2D barcode IDs (driver's licenses, military IDs, etc.). It also scans European National ID Cards. It is ideal for smaller desktop-based operations and document validation in government and commercial applications. The AT9000 utilizes IV imaging and LED technology to validate the IDs. Market Segments: Government: Quality assurance for ePassport issuance & travel document authentication for border control Transportation: Verify airline traveler ID or boarding pass at security checkpoint or boarding gate Retail: ID fraud and loss prevention for mobile phone stores and car rental agencies Financial: New account enrollment for banks & ID verification for check cashing Hospitality: Hotel/Casino guest ID data extraction & vendors and employees vetting *Software is NOT included. Recommended software: WizzForms PLUS for Autofill or VeriScan PLUS for Visitor Management.