HID Guardian 45 Dual Finger Scanner

Appendix F certified, affordable two fingerprint (FAP 45) optical scanner

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The HID Guardian 45 Features : Certified for Appendix F (FAP 45). Dual or single flat fingerprints, single rolled fingerprint capture. Moisture discrimination optics for wet finger capture. Silicone membrane option for dry finger capture. Illuminated pictograms for superior user guidance. Presentation Attack Detection (PAD). The HID Guardian 45 is a forensic quality, dual finger capture scanner that delivers fast, accurate and reliable results for enrollment and verification programs – at an affordable price. Subjects are guided by easy-to understand illuminated pictograms for attended or semi-attended processing. Guardian 45 even offers 10-finger pictograms that allow a subject to know which finger or which two fingers should be presented. Since many subjects are often being printed for the first time, this advanced guidance can ease the process and lower confusion. The Guardian 45 quickly captures images regardless of skin pigmentation – and captures from wet/moist or dry fingers without the need to pretreat hands. This wide range of dry and oily or moist (with standard Moisture Discrimination Optics feature) finger capture removes time-consuming preconditioning of the subject’s hands, speeding the capture process. An optional silicone membrane ensures fingerprint images always achieve the highest quality for subjects who have dry skin. This HID technology helps fingers make better contact with the fingerprint platen, which allows the sensor to achieve better contrast between ridges and valleys. Ergonomically designed for end user comfort and leveraging HID’s image capture tools, the Guardian 45 scanner results in quality images collected quickly and comfortably – the first time. Using the HID L Scan Essentials SDK, developers can easily integrate fingerprint capture into their own applications without needing to be a biometric expert. The Guardian 45 dual fingerprint scanner is compact and mobile, occupying minimal space with the flexibility to fit in a constrained environment. An optional mounting bracket can securely attach the device to a desk, counter or HID Cabinet. Ideally suited for banking and commercial services, legal and court systems, border and port security, and civil government applications, the Guardian 45 scanner is a logical solution for dual fingerprint small to large-scale programs. Featuring the trusted, high-quality image capture functionality that HID print scanners are recognized for, the Guardian 45 delivers portability, reliability and a reduced total cost of ownership.