HRA Osmond

Pasport Reader and ID Scanner.

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Pasport Reader and ID Scanner, Authenticate IDs like a pro and streamline customer registration Saves time, enhance customer experience, and reduce losses due to fake ID acceptance. This device lets you step into a modern workflow that is secure and automated. No more typing. No more unauthorized transactions. No more personal data stored on photocopies
The devil is in the details – catch it using oblique light When you look very close, an ID will show exciting parts that are barely recognized by the naked eye… and sometimes worrisome details that may even uncover a forgery. Oblique light comes from a low angle and makes tactile/ embossed elements stand out well, so you can thoroughly inspect the surface of the document and uncover forgeries. It’s one of Osmond’s special features that makes it unique on the market.
Instant feedback on the display The integrated OLED display provides guidance before, during, and after scanning. It gives you the verification results instantly in a way that is easy to understand – even if you do not have experience with checking IDs.
Faster than ‘quick’ It has a built-in dedicated chip for hardware-accelerated image enhancement which ensures the best performance and image quality even if used with slower PCs. High color fidelity, post-processed images – ready for your application in less than a second. It’s done that fast.
All-in-one design Some models have integrated processing, therefore, do not even need any PC connected to provide the results, and on top of that, they work as network units – communicating via wifi, Ethernet, and 4G, to transfer the results to your smartphone, a hotel reception or even a border control system.