TLC-Passport Laminator model-6060-P-SDIS-and-6061-P-SDIS

High secure colour and UV colour inkjet passport printing systems with convenient front operation

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Designated a closed book laminator, it processes pass books in a closed condition. This machine was developed primarily to work with 3M Confirm film in countries that experience high humidity conditions. (Monsoon seasons) It is fitted with two (2) heater assemblies and three (3) sets of feed rollers. The first heater helps dry the book and pre-heats the laminate. The second heater stage raises the book to the required temperature to complete the lamination. The laminator can be factory configured for pass books and document from the standard 5" wide book up to 8 1/2" (SDIS Models) laser printed pass book inserts. The laminator can be factory configured for pass book thicknesses from a single sheet to 5/16" thick Diplomatic books. Precise temperature is maintained by two (2) solid state, proportional temperature controllers. In the event that the security agency changes the pass book specifications over the course of time, these laminators may be returned to the factory to be optimized to the new specifications. If this is not convenient, Himalaya Indo Karya' engineering staff will make every effort to provide the information and support needed to reconfigure the machines by local technician