Smart Travel Document

Passport & Endorsement Management System

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Smart Travel Document

ICAO Standart

Smart Stravel Document has been adapted to ICAO standards. Photo and MRZ Code printed by Passport Printer.

Smart Travel Document

Flexible Layout System

Support for multi Printer Passport Devices.

Our Features

Multi Level User

Flexible to make or filter user access according to each level

Inventory System

Easy to manage and monitoring for incoming or outgoing transactions

Layout System

Easy to adjust the layout on the passport according to the printer used

Statistic Reporting

Passport Transaction, Financial, Passport reports viewed in Print and Chart display

Applications Integration Support

Smart Storage

Use for Passport Collection

with Smart Storage, Speed Up Your flow and Manageble Passport Storage. and with Database View Integration can use SMS/Whatsapp Gateway Activation for sent notification to Applicant.

Public Satisfaction Index (IKM)

Database View Integration

Public Satisfaction Index with the original identity of the surveyor. SMS/Whatsapp Gateway Activation for sent notification to Applicant.

Our Users

Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia abroad

Passport & Endorsement Management System integrations with Multi Printer like Diletta, Trigenion, Datacard (Custom Layout) and Laserjet for Endorsement.